From the fields of Scandinavia to flat land lands of Russia, from the vales of Europe to prairies of United States, straw crafts and wheat waving have long been traditional and artistic parts of many cultures. With the modern time straw art and wheat art has modified according to the persons imagination and interpretation.
Straw paintings are craft objects made by shaping straw into patterns and representational images. Straw patchwork art is a Chinese folk art that dates back to the Han Dynasty (250—230 CE) and developed during Sui Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty, straw patchwork was enjoyed by royalty. Wheat straw is smoked, steams, whitening, dyed, cut, and altered in a myriad of procedures to fashion delicate representational works. Today wheat straw patchwork is a decorative art and popular item for tourists to China.

In Mexico, straw mosaics are known as “popotillo art,” from the Spanish name for sacaton grass. The grass is first hand-dyed. Before European contact, exclusively natural dyes were used and the straw was soaked in aguamiel or agave juice. Then the artist draws a design, which is then covered by a fine layer of beeswax. The straw is then cut down to workable sizes, sometimes as fine as a single millimeter in length. The artist then carefully presses the pieces of straw into the beeswax. When the design is finished, a fixative is applied to protect the finished work.

Since, these arts are catchy and mesmerizing it will easily fetch the high price in the markets. These arts have high price and demands in the markets. Mostly these arts are for tourist in the case of Nepal. These can be used as a gifts, as a paintings in wall, for decoration purpose.
I am a graduate student of Agriculture. I have passed by bachelor in Agriculture from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Lamjung Campus on 2014. Being a agriculture student with art as a passion, wheat art is something that gives happiness and satisfaction to me. Art is a beauty in itself and wheat art is one of the catchy, attractive and mesmerizing forms of art. With all the crowds and voices and thoughts bouncing in my head, wheat art is something that helps me discover myself and doing wheat art, I feel like world kind of get quiet. I hope you find and learn about this art too. Hard work and passion is key to success on the wheat art. I will be posting my creations on wheat art. HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LOVE IT.


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